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Johana Copes

She began dancing Tango when she was 14 in 1993. But had the advantage of been Juan Carlos Copes's daughter!, ("The Tango Dancer of the Century", the first Tango Choreographer ever, the only Tango dancer respected and loved by all, regardless of styles...) and so she had already so much tango on her...!

Johana is, as well as her father, very respected and loved and one of the most recognized dancers, choreographers and organizers of the Tango Dance World in Argentina.

She was part of numerous tango companies such as "Tango Magia y Seduction", "The best of Dance", "Tango Argentino" (Broadway 1999) and 2000 , "Copes tango Copes", "A todo Tango", "Lady`s Tango Show" and with these shows she traveled the world: United States (New York), Japan, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Holland, France, United Arab Emirates, and of course Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 1997 she was part of Carlos Saura's film, "Tango", nominated for an Oscar. She was also featured in a video of argentine popular singer Leon Gieco "Tango Wings" and was the representative of Argentina in the advertising of Olympics Vancouver, Canada 2010.

She was the instructor and performed for special celebrities like: Lizza Minelli , George Bush Father, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Lauper, Roger Waters  as well as many Argentine celebrities!

She is a juror at the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires as well as in different cities in the world. In 2012 and 2013 she was in charge of juror’s City Championship, global pre-World Tango Championship that's performed yearly in the city of Buenos Aires. Since 2012 she is also in charge of designing the programm of lessons, shows and various events related to Dance during the Tango Festival and World Tango Championship.

She is the director and producer of the festival "Let's Dance Tango" held in Buenos Aires since 2005 and is the creator of the first festival Tango Technique for both roles "Lady` s Tango Week "done between 2007 and 2012.

She created her first tango company  “Arrabaleros” and in 2006 and her actual company  “Sello de Tango...Copes”.

She was the Assistant of Choreograophy for “Conventillo de la Paloma” in 2010 ,2011 ,2013 and 2014  in the Nacional Cervantes Theatre (a very prestigious theatre in Buenos Aires) . In 2011 she was the director and choreographer in a special show in Tango Porteño. She just finish a mini tour in Brazil with her Company “Sello de Tango”.

  Tango dancer.

Leonardo Sardella started dancing tango professionally in his hometown of Buenos Aires. Leonardo has performed on the best stages in Argentina with several dance companies. He moved to New York City in 2011 when he co-founded Malevaje with Walter Perez. He currently teaches and performs at Dardo Galletto Studios in the heart of Times Square in New York City. Leo is a principal dancer for the Mariela Franganillo’s Dance Company and appeared in its 2012 "Tango Connections" and 2013 "Recuerdo Tango" productions. He also appeared with "A puro Tango" (2014 U.S. Tour), a Tango world champions company.


FRIDAY JUNE 9th Homage Performance at



Tango Clinic exclusively for woman!

By Johana Copes (director of the only festival in world dedicated exclusively to women, Ladies Tango week)

Johana Copes, daughter of the legendary tango dancer Juan Carlos Copes, will be sharing her knowledge and vision as a beautiful and experienced female tango dancer with our tango community of NJ.

Highly recommended for all female tango dancers of ALL levels!

This seminar will be a wonderful opportunity to work not only on the particular technique and specific movements and embellishments, but also on the particular energy of the followers role and the different dynamics.

Woman Tango Clinic by Johanna Copes

"Work and Talk"

This Clinic will be tailored to the individual needs of the participants.

Part 1

11-1:30 Technique cleansing, solidify your form, various exercises to help you achieve confortable and natural movements to connect to the leader in a way that won't affect your freedom of movement and personal expression. Questions and answers through the whole class

Part 2

1:30 - 4 Embellishments and musicality from the woman's perspective. Infinite variations and possibilities, finding space and time in between beats! Personal attention. In this class, Johana will be sharing her secrets about how to be an active follower and how to inspire your partner or even suggest movements during the dance!

Wine and fruits will be served during classes.

Bring a partner to practice at the end of the day!


                                    $80 part 1 or 2

                                    $140 all day


11- 12:15 Musicality: Rhythms, cadences and dynamics while dancing in sequences.

12:30 - 1:45 boleos, spiral and circular movements.

2:15 - 3:30 Milonga lisa and traspié

3:45 - 5 Choreographed sequences for the dance floor in homage to Juan Carlos Copes!

JUNE • Johana Copes and Leonardo Sardella

Her upcoming visit will be a homage to her legendary father, Juan Carlos Copes, as well as a valuable contribution to the ladies of our community. Homage performance June 9th. Workshops May 10th & 11th.

All Classes and Events at:

The Twin Maples
214 Springfield Ave., Summit, NJ 07901