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Authentic Argentine Tango School
Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco

Our school

The beautiful Twin Maples historical building is home to our beloved Authentic Argentine Tango School...

The school was created in 2001 when, after more than 15 years of performing, choreographing and teaching in numerous festivals and events, Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco, its directors, moved to Summit from NYC and wanted their new hometown to learn about this rich art form. At the time, it was hard for them to get locals interested and understanding the difference between this original art and the "tango" that's regularly seen on TV or tough at ballroom and dance studios. In 2008, together with the need to add new classes and events, the name was chosen to better describe the school.

Today, the heart of our school is formed by its community of wonderful people where we try to find what we all

have in common instead of focusing in our differences. A community of all kinds of people of different ages,

different religions, different cultural backgrounds where everyone is respected for who they are and everyone

is welcome. 

We are open to all levels of students and specially welcome people new and curious about Argentine Tango. The focus is to find the way to connect to each other, learn about Tango dance, tango music and its culture, make real friendships and have fun!

We are proud to be the only Argentine Tango Dance School, owned, and directed by professional argentine tango dancers from Argentina with a very extensive experience both performing but also teaching at all levels. 

So, wherever your level is...come and discover the magic of TANGO with us!